We at Nopany Institute of Professional Studies (NI) are committed to build the Institute a Centre of Excellence in Learning in its field of education and to carry out comprehensive activities and training for fulfilling all the needs and expectations of Students, Parents, Business Organizations and Society at large. We aim to do this with a high degree of dedicated service and Continual:


redarrowNurturing of talent and building a conducive learning environment to promote creativity and leadership.


redarrowImprovement and upgradation of Course Curriculum characterized by significance, relevance, excellence and rigor to meet the growing need of IT and Business Administration sector.


redarrowBuilding of linkages with Universities / Corporate Houses / Public Sector Units / Institutes of repute at home and abroad for broader perspectives and standards.


redarrowCommitment to personal and professional development of individuals (staff members, students and faculties) over their entire career.


redarrowAcquisition of State-of-the-art skill and improvement of infrastructure conducive to excellence in learning and character building.


redarrowImparting education and training through creation, utilization and dissemination of knowledge by focusing on application of concepts in a diversified manner.