Rules & Regulations



Each academic year is divided into two semesters. It is compulsory for all students to follow strictly the rules and regulations of the Institute / West Bengal University of Technology.


Some of the important rules are :-


• Students must attend the institute at the prescribed time and date. Late comers will not be allowed to attend the classes for that day.


• A minimum of 75% attendance is strictly to be maintained by every student in every semester. Failure on this part will disqualify the student in semester exam.


• Students must follow ALL NOTICES issued by the University and the institute carefully, without fail and it is their responsibility to comply with the instructions given in all notices.


• Students must pay the University Development fund fees in time.




A detailed calendar of academic and related activities is published at the beginning of each year and is followed rigorously. Each academic year is divided in two semesters autumn and spring. At the conclusion of each semester, and end semester examination is conducted as per program announced by the Controller of Examinations. The performance and evaluation comprise distinct components.


• Assignments/Project Reports once submitted by students to NI, will not be returned to them. They must keep one copy for their record always.


• Students must carry i) Original Admit Card ii) Original Registration Certificate of WBUT, to the Examination Hall, if not he/she will be expelled by the WBUT authority, from the Examination Hall.




1) Students cannot use mobile/cell phone in class or during class hours anywhere within the college premises. The cell phone may be confiscated if a student is found using the same anytime within 3:00 pm – 6:15 pm.


2) ID Cards will be issued to students.


3) If the Identity Card is lost by any student, a duplicate Identity Card will be issued on payment of Rs 100/-




5) No leave of absence will be granted without a previous written application from the students or parents. Absence, on account of birthdays, marriage-feasts and similar reasons, is discouraged.


6) Students are not allowed leave the Institution without the permission of the authority. A boy/girl who is absent for more than 14 days without prior sanction of the authority is liable to have his/her name struck off the NI rolls.


7) A list of holidays for the current year is displayed on the website. All students are expected to attend college on the re-opening day after each vacation. Parents are requested not to take their wards on vacation before the last working day preceding the vacation or to extend these vacations.


8) Any student leaving home town/or Kolkata must get prior approval from the authority and a written application is necessary from the student signed by parent to avoid any complications.




The college timing is from 3:00 pm to 6:15 am.




1) All students must carry the I – Card issued by NI.


2) If any scribbling is found on the Record/Book, Attendance Register, or on the walls of the Class Rooms or toilet, stern action may be taken against the class or the Class Representatives.


3) The students should select a Class Representative to represent their views to the authority/Management.


4) The Management has the full authority to expel any student for disinterest in studies, misbehavior and continuous failure or absenteeism and also for non-payment of fees, dues. The decision of Principal is final and binding in this regard.




Boys: This being a Management Institute, all the male students will come to classes with shirts tucked in, and clean – shaven. They must wear trousers with matching Shirt (full/half sleeve) with polished shoes and socks.No student is allowed to come with chappals or long hair.


Girls: Salwar Kameez or trousers with shirt or any appropriate, sober dress.




Language Support
All students are expected to have a certain command on the English language before commencing any academic programme. For those unable to attain these levels,NI conducts English classes by trained faculty. These match their deficiencies & enable them to raise their levels on par with others.


Students Advisory Service

An Advisor from the Admissions Office or Faculty is responsible for students. All new students are interviewed individually by the Advisor during the first month of each academic year! The Advisor is also available later for personal and referral services.


Academic Committee

A specially constituted Academic Committee meets on a month-to-month basis to study the allocation of time for each stream, planning of internal assessment, seminars, inviting guest lectures, performance of individual faculty, staff appraisal, identifying students who require assistance and planning steps to augment their studies, preparation for examination, revision classes, special tutoring, etc.


Disciplinary Committee

Discipline is the foundation of learning. At NI, utmost emphasis is laid on discipline. The committee, with members comprising of students and faculty, monitors maintenance of discipline in the campus – corridors and classrooms alike. It takes notice of the stray incident, keeping a watchful eye on any anti-social activity inside and outside the campus. Ragging is not permitted and stern preventive and corrective measures are implemented as per Supreme Court guidelines.