Students Speak


"My name is ShrayashriSarkar, I am a 2nd year Bachelor of Business Admisnistration student. The name of my college is NIPS, I love my college a lot because it possesses all the qualities of an ideal college. We have excellent course, curriculum and faculty member. Or lecturer hold a respectable place in the society. The aim of my college is to impart excellent education and come out with bright career."

- Shrayasri Sarkar (BBA, 2ndYear )

"Nopany Institute of Professional Studies a right launching pad to achieve my dream profession of Management Studies.Eminent faculties to impart the best and latest in their respective subjects. Seminars or soft-skill development and other aspect which will stand us in good stead in near future. Ready with extra classes whenever required. Extremely proud and confident to speak my mind about mu Institution"

- Shatarupa Poddar (BBA, 2nd year)

"1. Our college has best all round faculties, 2. Our college has well maintained and aerial classrooms, 3. The timings of college are very justifiable, 4. Our college management and faculties are very friendly, 5. Our college has proper library facility"

- Devdeep Singh (BBA, 2nd Year)

"NIPS isa great college for study BCA. It has a group of excellent faculties. We all have grown a warm student teacher relationship will all our teachers, which makes college life a lot more pleasant. Exam ready classes are provided for preparation of competitive exam. Everyday, a better ‘me’ evolves due to every teacher’s effort. A short period of time and so much attachment is what every institute desires as its success."

- Prabjot Kaur (BCA, 2nd year)

"Nopany Institute of Professional Studies has proved to be the college of ‘my dreams’ .the teachers here are very helpful and quite expert in their respective subjects. The college library has lots of books. The exam ready classes and the regular test that are taken in order to prepare the students early for the exams, are some of the salient features of this institutions. The environment here is apt for studies as well as some fun. Extremely proud to be a student of NIPS."

- Pritish Bhattacharjee (BBA, 1st Year 2014)

"NIPS is a wonderful college. It has an excellent group of facilities and they are very amiable, which is more delightful for the students. It provides the best quality education. Its ambience and campus life is very lively. This college will surely give a path to all kinds of students. I am glad to be a part of this college, as I am in the process of developing my own-self. A heartfelt gratitude to my college."

- Minal D. Jobanputra (BBA, 1st Year 2014)

"HI!, my name is DivyaDadeech. I am 19 year old and I am pursuing BCA from Nopany Institute of Professional Studies. I personally feel glad after taking admission in this college because it is very helpful for me. Since, it provides Exam Ready classes; proper lab classes are available for studies. The most satisfactory thing is that teachers of this college posses very high technical and professional knowledge and they are polite in nature. After taking admission in this college, I don’t require to take private tuition for any subjects and I must say that there is no limit of admiration of this college."

- Divya Dadjeech (BCA, 1st Year 2014

"I am indeed a proud student of NIPS, I am obliged to have teachers who have nurtured me and guided me so well. My perseverance and their hard work and faith in me has made me believe that I am capable of anything. Our faculty is so good that we do not require extra tuition. Thanks to my institution for always being there for us. Let the flag of NIPS fly high……"

- Afreen Siddiqui (BBA, 2nd year- 2013)

"Our College helps us in getting out the best within us both in academic and in Extra-Curricular Activities . I participated in the various extra-curricular activities of the College in 2008 but I was not allowed to be inattentative to my Studies by my College. I am indebted for the care my College takes for my all-round development."


"I am obsessed with my College. Everyday I am restless since morning when I shall go to my College and attend my classes. The lucid and participative way of teaching at College help all of us a lot. I shall give 100% credit to my College for my BBA 1st Semester Result."


"To be candid I was too nervous when the job of Magazine Secretary was bestowed on me. I thought it was not my cup of tea. Now at a hindsight. I understand what foresightedness my institute had! They realized my abilities better than i covered and took out the best out of me and i enjoyed it. They made me to rediscover myself-I am so confident now. Thanks a lot- my institute for being my friend, philosopher and guide."


"My College has honed and nurtured my abilities in Cultural and other Extra-Curricular Activities .So much support I get for a little innovative idea of mine that I get doubly motivated for further betterment. My College is my sole source of sustenance."


"I was bit poor in Mathematics when I started my Career in BCA Course. Now it is a faded memory to me.I am very confident of my abilities in Mathematics now, thanks to the relentless effort on me from my college."


"One thing of my College that has touched my heart is the warm relationship of ourselves with our teachers. At any front of our problem, be it personal or academic, our Institute is always by our side. I owe a lot to my Institute. I love my Institute."